Staff and volunteers

Callum Wilson

Head of Service for the Curve

How I got here: Before the 14th of June, I was working for the Tri-borough councils as an Adult Social Care and then Children’s Social Care commissioner, working to deliver services for residents. Before that I was setting up and managing services in the voluntary sector across London.

I’ve been involved in the response since the night of the tragedy, initially setting up and managing the emergency grants programme and working with the community to identify ways the Council could support established and newly forming groups. I’ve been managing the Family and Friends Assistance Centre which provides specialist support to bereaved families since July and the Curve Community Centre since September.

My role: As the Head of Service for the Curve I am responsible and accountable for delivering a safe, secure and welcoming space that all local people affected by the tragedy can access, which offers quality services that reflect what local people and the wider community want. It’s my job to ensure your voice and wishes are at the heart of everything we do here.

Our team are here to help you.

Saskia Goldman

Strategic Lead

I was working in the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) before June. I was deployed to support the Government and Gold Command response in June, and in July I was asked to support at the Westway Centre, where I was for a month before we moved to the Curve.

I have been involved in adapting our services, designing and working with providers on our activity programme, working with the NHS, charities and complementary therapies providers to develop new space in the centre, and on our consultation with community about the future.

It has been an honour to work closely with such dedicated people and groups; I have seen so much generosity and love arising from loss. I hope to continue to serve, and to support local people to lead the future of the Curve community centre.

Hanan Miezou

Curve centre outreach manager

How I got here: I started as a volunteer from the night of the tragedy, when I rushed to the tower for my foster son who resided there.

Since the day after the tragedy I have been working meticulously with families providing them with comfort and support. I also set up then managed the donations and distributed care packages to the families affected by the tragedy. I have been collaborating with volunteers, community centres, and organisations to ensure residents and the local community were supported.

My Role: I am now a curve centre outreach manager. I am here to support families, manage the centre services, activities and events. At the same time as ensuring the curve remains a safe and warm communal space that residents can access services.


Tel: 07479379009

Vanessa Gordon

Centre Manager

How I got here: I started here on 30th August 2017, two months after the Grenfell tragedy. I am a qualified manager and counsellor with skills and knowledge in most disciplines including multi-agency and partnership working with services including community development, youth justice, probation and gang exit programmes. I work holistically with individuals and groups of people involved in gangs, violence and crime affected by trauma. I am skilled in trauma based approaches and have experience of working with children, young people, adults and their families. I understand in today’s current climate that there are many people facing difficult experiences including trauma which have affected their day to day functioning.

My role: My role is Centre Manager for The Curve. I am here to offer support to the residents and survivors and to contribute towards their recovery whilst ensuring the Curve is a safe inviting space that is warm, welcoming, supportive, nurturing and an environment where the process of healing can take place.

Carolyn Mackey - Centre Manager
Tanya Hedges - Centre Manager
Parish Barker - Assistant
Janet Mattocks - Assistant
Valerie Pelle - Assistant
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