Board of Governors

If you’d like to speak to any one of the Governors, you can email If you have any questions, you can email and we can forward them on to the Governors on your behalf.

Minutes of monthly meetings will be published here, as will Governor interviews with Grenfell Speaks. Please keep checking back and stay in touch.

Board of Governors meeting are held on the First Floor of The Curve Community Centre, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP.

Meet The Curve Community Centre Board of Governors 

Jacquie Haynes
“I grew up on the Lancaster West Estate and I am a proud member of the North Kensington community. I began my career in North Kensington and following 30 years of experience in Social Work, Health, Community Development and Housing, I have a solid local background and the professional knowledge and skills around supporting groups and individuals in the holistic model. Over the past 11 years, my work has been dedicated to supporting communities to develop and deliver alternative services to address gaps in provision and tackling extreme vulnerability issues including mental wellbeing.

The curve has great potential as a resource for our community and with the challenges ahead for Residents of Lancaster West and the wider community,

I am committed to maximising this benefits of this resource and empowering ourselves to steer and design our centre to deliver the services, activities and support that we feel we really need here. I look forward to meeting my fellow Board members and working towards fundamental change and effective recovery for the community of North Kensington.”


Lizzie Cho

“I have worked for 20+ years in adult education and in North Kensington since 2006. I am committed to using my skills and abilities to drive social change working with high levels of compassion and empathy – through paid work and a range of voluntary roles.

I chose to serve on the Board of the Curve because I believe in its potential provide a quality space for our communities and harness the talent within the local area to shape its services.”

Kerstin Razzaq

“I’m Kerstin Razzaq neè Zumstein, local mother of two and Editorial Director at Ink – the world’s leading travel media company. I’ve made this part of London my family home because I truly believe we have a uniquely wonderful community here. That’s why I’m committed to ensuring The Curve represents your voice and continues to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment. I look forward to applying my experience in managing diverse opinions and developing strategies to move this project forward and positively impact our community’s future.”

Emily Stevens

“I am Emily (Mailes) Stevens, a local resident, mother and youth work professional. I was born and brought up in North Kensington and have always volunteered and worked locally in a variety of roles for local community interest companies and charities. I have have a first class honours degree in ‘informal education, youth and community work’ and look forward to bringing my skills and experiences of working with young people and leadership to the curve to support the aims of the centre and the local community.”

Nadia Boujjettef

“My name is Nadia Boujjettef, I am lifelong resident, born and bred, I am part of the diverse, richly cultural heritage that makes up the North Kensington we know and love. Having worked for some years in education for RBKC in our schools, I have continued my education with an eye to keeping community skills here in our community. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Arts studies at Kingston University.

I am looking forward to helping build a strong community bond within our education system that identifies, includes and promotes the talents and diversity of our young scholars. Having previously trained at another local school, I am very familiar with the issues that our young people face. I shall be using and teaching conflict resolution strategies to help address the issues of youth violence in our area. To that end, I shall be communicating regularly within the community and bringing in any outside skills and support that we may need to help our youth and wider community.   

I am looking forward to continuing building bridges and forging ever stronger community ties within The Curve. My speciality in youth issues and education, along with my skills and knowledge of our community will be at the forefront of my work at this critical and traumatic time for our community.”

Tom Charles

“My background is in politics, I worked in parliament for an MP and as a campaigner for Palestinian rights. I am an active member of the North Kensington community: I have worked in local schools, been a parent governor at St Thomas’ primary school, and am the founder and editor of Urban Dandy London. I work with two local charities: Baraka Community Association and Migrants Organise.

I am a former resident of the Lancaster West estate, and was involved in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, both as a volunteer and a writer. I recognise that the local and national governments need to be held to account so that the needs of survivors and local residents are met.”

Abderrahman Elgerbouzi

“My name is Abderrahman Elguerbouzi, I have been living in the borough all my life, and have grown up knowing most of the community. All my life I worked outside the borough, but still managed to keep my relation with my community. in the last 4 years I took on a role in MCWG Community Centre as a Manager, to turn it around, and make the centre a main community hub, we have succeeded and are one of the top Youth Organisations within London.

I have been actively working with the Curve from day one, and have met many great people and will continue to do so, I also had the pleasure of being with the Interim Board of Governors when we started this, and I decided to apply for Board of Governors, I am here now and hope to continue to work and also make the curve a better place for people to feel safe and happy.”

Abderrahman Elguerbouzi – Interim Board of Governors

Our Interim Board Member Abderrahman Elguerbouzi explains why community Governors are so important to The Curve Community Centre.

A Board of Governors, made up of trusted community representatives, has been set up to oversee The Curve. An Interim Board was initially set up to establish the permanent Board of Governors. The interim board included local faith and community leaders. An open and public selection process was then held to form the permanent board. The Curve Team are jointly accountable to the Board of Governors and to the Council. The role of the Board of Governors is to hold the Curve team to account on delivering for the community, in line with its priorities.

These priorities are set by a Residents’ Steering Group. This group will set the priorities for The Curve by telling them what should be on offer.

The Curve Board of Governors will ensure that the community leads what the Curve delivers. The interim Governors are

  • Abderrahman Elguerbouzi
  • Abdurahman Sayed
  • Fatai (‘Abdul’) Towolawi
  • Fatima Elguenuni (Chair)
  • Revd Dr Michael Long

At the first meeting of the Board on Thursday 26 January  2018, Fatima Elguenuni was elected Chair. Fatima works for the NHS and is the mother of a former Grenfell Tower resident. She brings experience of chairing three other boards.

Putting your voice front and centre of The Curve

Watch the Curve Head of Service, Callum Wilson speak about the interim board after their first meeting

Callum Wilson – Head of Service for #Grenfell Assistance Centres spoke to us about Yesterday’s first meeting of the Curve Community Centre’s Interim Board of Governors.

Rev Dr Michael Long – Interim Board of Governors

Rev Dr Michael Long spoke to Grenfell Speaks about the second meeting of the Interim Board of Governors with updates on: recommendations to make the Curve more welcoming as well as the criteria and process for appointing the Permanent Board.

Meeting of the Curve Community Centre Interim Board of Governors Thursday, 22 March, 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Meeting of the Curve Community Centre Interim Board of Governors Thursday, 8 March, 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Meeting of the Curve Community Centre Interim Board of Governors Thursday, 22 February, 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Meeting of the Curve Community Centre Interim Board of Governors Tuesday, 6th February, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Meeting of the Curve Community Centre Interim Board of Governors Thursday, 25 January, 6.30pm -8.30pm

Are you interested in joining the Curve’s Residents’ Steering Group?

This group will meet regularly and steer the direction of the Curve and the services it provides.

Send an email with your name, telephone, and address (optional) to: