Maxilla Advisory Group

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Following the Grenfell tragedy, the Council has made a commitment to residents to change the ways in which we deliver services and to improve the relationship between the Council and residents. As part of this commitment, the lead Councillors have agreed to revisit the decision to build an adult social care hub in Maxilla Bays 17-19 and to ask the North Kensington Community for their views. Whilst the community is discussing options for how the space could be used, the Council will arrange works to make the building safe and ready for construction.


We are looking to set up a Maxilla Advisory Group (MAG) to deliver a review of the adult social care (ASC) hub that was intended to be delivered from Maxilla Bays 17-19 and also to explore alternative options of what could be delivered from the building in line with the current priorities of residents and voluntary and community sector organisations.

The vision is that the MAG will include representation from local residents, local voluntary and community sector organisations, Ward Councillors, strategic partners and RBKC.

The aim is for all parties to agree the use of the building and inform a detailed business case to ensure its sustainability.

The MAG will explore the following three possibilities for the building through a series of workshops:

  • Continue with an ASC hub in line with the original planned design
  • Redesign the ASC hub to include an agreed proportion of community space
  • Repurpose the whole space

An independent third party organisation will facilitate an open discussion to ensure that all parties are consistently involved in the conversation and that all relevant information that may affect the final decision is provided, including information on council service delivery, the management of buildings and other property related questions. This will help all parties work together to narrow down the options for the use of Maxilla Bays 17-19.

Significantly this project links directly to the “Creating Stronger Communities” (find out more here) longer term recovery strategy by supporting the priorities of places and spaces, together with developing strong foundations for the future that ensure people are involved in decisions that affect their lives.

For more detail on the MAG please see this document.

How to apply

If you are interested and feel you are suitable for a role on the MAG, please send a completed Expressions of Interest form to by 9am on Monday 12 November  2018. In your Expression of Interest, you must demonstrate how you meet the criteria from the ‘what will parties need bring to the review’ section of this document. You can find the form here.

Please email if you have any general queries about the Maxilla bays 17-19 review or about joining the advisory group.