Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy

For tenants of Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk, Testerton Walk, Treadgold House and Bramley House.

The Council has introduced a rehousing policy for Council tenants who do not feel able to remain in, or return to, their home in the Walkways, Treadgold House or Bramley House. The policy will award a high priority to these tenants for a move to another Council or housing association home.

The rehousing policy forms part of the Council’s commitment to you, the residents of the wider Grenfell area following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

Who does the Wider Grenfell Priority apply to?

‘Wider Grenfell Priority’, will be given to tenants who, prior to the tragedy, were living at the following blocks as their main home:

  • The Walkways (Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk, Testerton Walk)
  • Treadgold House
  • Bramley House

Walkways, Treadgold and Bramley House tenants can now apply to be rehoused

Tenants living in the Walkways, Treadgold and Bramley House prior to the Grenfell tragedy, who no longer feel able to live in or return to their homes, can now apply to be rehoused.

Tenants wishing to move will be given a high priority to move to another Council or housing association home. High priority means that under the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy, residents who wish to move can apply for nine hundred points to join the Housing Register. Nine hundred points gives tenants the priority equivalent to someone on the Housing Register who needs to be rehoused because of a serious medical problem.

What should tenants do next?

The Choice-Based Lettings website CBL, know as Home Connections will reopen on Monday 12 March after being closed following the Grenfell tragedy to allow the Council to prioritise finding a home for former Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk residents.

To view and express an interest in available properties on Monday 12 March, residents must return their application form to the Council or Lancaster West Estate Office by Tuesday 6 March.

Available Council and housing association properties are advertised on the Home Connections website every week: www.homeconnections.org.uk 

There is however no time limit on when residents can apply for priority status.

Once tenants have registered, we will send more information about the rehousing process.

Download the housing application form

Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy Housing application form – 200KB

You should return your completed application form to either of the following two addresses:

Housing Department
Kensington and Chelsea Council
Town Hall
Hornton Street
W8 7NX

Lancaster West Estate Office
Unit 2, Baseline Studios
Whitchurch Road
W11 4AT

We are holding four drop-in sessions for tenants who would like to know more about their options:


Monday 26 February   10am to 2pm
Unit 38 Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Road, London W11 4AT

Tuesday 27 February  12 midday to 5pm
St Mary Abbots Centre, Vicarage Gate, London W8 4HN

Wednesday 28 February  4pm to 8pm
Unit 38 Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Road, London W11 4AT

Friday 2 March  10am to 2pm
Unit 38 Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Road, London W11 4AT

The Council has agreed to extend priority status for rehousing to two additional housing blocks – Treadgold and Bramley House.

It has also agreed to allow residents who are eligible under the policy to combine their 900 points with additional points for health needs and / or overcrowding.

This decision comes after the Council received around 100 responses to its recent consultation on the draft Walkways Rehousing Policy which originally only looked at how Walkways households (Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk and Testerton Walk) would be rehoused.

After listening to resident feedback, the Council has made some important changes to the final rehousing policy in recognition of how these households have been impacted by the tragedy.

The new Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy will:

  • Award priority status for rehousing to tenants who were living in the Walkways and Bramley and Treadgold House prior to the Grenfell tragedy
  • Offer tenants of those households 900 points on the housing register once they have moved out of a hotel. After listening to residents these points could be combined with other points to take into consideration health needs (900 points) and overcrowding (200 points)
  • Ensure there is no time restriction placed on making an application to receive priority status
  • Provide all tenants with up to two suitable offers of housing. Tenants who refuse two suitable offers of housing will now retain their 900 points instead of having them reduced to 100 points. They will however have their priority date for rehousing amended to the date of the last suitable offer. This means that other tenants with the same number of points without offers will be prioritised above them

While the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy has been approved, it is not yet live. The Council will be in touch with everyone about the application process.

A copy of the report, which will be discussed by Councillors can be found here.

The Council has agreed to pay compensation to residents who are living on the Walkways, Bramley and Treadgold House and Verity Close due to problems with services on the estate since the Grenfell tragedy.

Residents on the Walkways have told the Council about problems with the rubbish chutes, intercom systems and heating and hot water. Residents of Bramley and Treadgold House and Verity Close have also had problems with services, though on a smaller scale. The Council is working hard to put these issues right, some of which will take time.

In the meantime, the Council will pay 50 per cent of rent and service charges to tenants and 50 per cent of service charges to leaseholders living at home on the Walkways.

It will also pay 15 per cent of rent and service charges for tenants and 15 per cent of service charges for leaseholders living at home in Bramley and Treadgold House and Verity Close.

This will be paid weekly into their rent or service charges accounts until Sunday 1 April 2018 while the Council works to improve services on the estate. This arrangement will then be looked at again. There will be no immediate changes to the way residents pay their rent and service charges.

All residents in emergency accommodation will pay their full rent and service charges. Residents of the Walkways and Bramley and Treadgold House in temporary accommodation will also pay their full rent and service charges but the Council will cover the cost of the rent and service charges on their temporary home.

Residents who received Housing Benefit before the tragedy will receive Housing Benefit again from Monday 5 February. The Benefits Team has written to those residents at their home addresses with more information.

Council tax will need to be paid in full from Monday 5 February.

The Council has written to all tenants and leaseholders with more information and have also included contact details for any questions.

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