Grenfell Complaints

We have brought the complaints, compliments and members enquiries processes together to enable shared learning across teams to ensure we improve services for you, the customer.

Complaints about Grenfell will be investigated by the new, dedicated team. The Grenfell Complaints team can be contacted if you wish to formally make an expression of dissatisfaction with a Grenfell-related service, individual providing the service or decision made by the service.

The team can also be contacted if you wish to formally make an expression of satisfaction with a Grenfell-related service, individual providing the service or decision made by the service.

Complaints made against the following Grenfell service areas are dealt with by the team:

  • Keyworker or Support Worker
  • Assistance services
  • Rehousing
  • Financial payments
  • Taxi provision
  • Volunteers
  • Communication errors
  • Decisions made on a case as a result of policy (but not challenge the policy itself)
  • Repairs (on properties acquired for former Grenfell Tower and Walk residents and those residents covered by the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy).

Complaints the team does not deal with

The following complaints will not be dealt with through the Grenfell complaints process if the complaints are against:

  • Repairs on Lancaster West Estate
  • Parking
  • Issues where legal proceedings have already commenced
  • Challenges to policy
  • Data breaches
  • Not receiving Exceptional priority
  • Corporate property
  • Benefits
  • Fraud
  • Councillors/ co-opted members
  • School admission decisions
  • Statutory Children and Adults

The team will not deal with:

  • Subject access requests (SARs)
  • Freedom of Information requests (FOIs)
  • Complaints older than 12 months

If you need to make a complaint that that is not dealt with through this process, you can still get in touch with the Grenfell Complaints team who will triage it to the relevant team to ensure that the complaint is dealt with appropriately.

The Grenfell Complaints email address is


Complaints about Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management 


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