Community Working Groups

These groups will resume their work in autumn 2018.


How can I get involved?

If you want to get involved in these groups or give us feedback on what you think about them please email:

What are Community Working Groups?

  • Community voice – Community Working Group (CWGs) bring together members from both established and emerging community groups to work on themes of shared interest that the community have said they want to address. The Council has talked with a range of community representatives who agree that CWGs are an opportunity to give more of a voice to the community.
  • Transparent – Importantly, and unlike previous groups, to ensure the CWG’s are truly transparent, we will post video interviews with people involved in the groups to ensure everyone is kept up to date. Where possible we will ask members of the local community to film the meetings. This footage will be shared on the Grenfell Support website and other forms of social media as decided by each CWG, within 48 hours of each meeting.
  • Council support – The CWGs will initially be focussed on making progress on each theme between now and June. Each CWG will be underpinned by a commitment from the Council related to each theme. They will be supported by Council staff as well as other official and local organisations.

Why are we doing this?

  • The Council wants to improve its response to the Grenfell tragedy and use the knowledge of old and new community groups. This new way of working will bring these groups together to take part in policy making and providing services for the community.
  • It is clear that there are number of issues that many people feel need to be dealt with urgently to ensure a long term recovery for North Kensington. These themes of common interest are an opportunity to bring the community together to make decisions around the things that matter most to them, and will help to underpin the recovery and build the resilience of the North Kensington community.

Themes of common interest and CWGs

The Council’s Community Engagement team and its trusted partners have been working with a number of local organisations and individuals and have identified the following themes of interest:

  • Children and Young people (understanding what young people need, ensuring services meet these needs and designing new services)
  • Grenfell Cultural Heritage (initially considering the preservation of physical memorials)
  • The Curve Community Centre Interim Board of Governors and Residents Steering Group, set up to ensure that the community leads what the Curve delivers
  • Community Assets (agree a way of ensuring community groups get the physical spaces they need)
  • Older people, (understanding what older people need, ensuring services meet these needs and designing new services)
  • Community enterprise (creating local opportunities and sustainable economic development for North Kensington)

Because these themes have been identified by the community, many locals (both organisations and individuals) are already meeting and discussing these subjects and where possible we want to simply join in with these discussions and join similar groups together. We’d like to simply offer support from the Council, statutory and independent organisations. If necessary and desired by the community, we can also bring central government to the table.

Young People’s CWG – currently active

Young people have been hugely affected by the Grenfell tragedy and associated events but so far haven’t had much opportunity to work with different sectors of the community. This group provides the space to address their needs.

The Young People’s CWG begins with a consultation delivered by young people for young people. Following a model successfully delivered by the Young Westminster Foundation in December 2017 the Council began training and paying young people to deliver their own consultation. The consultation enables young people to give their views on what is and isn’t working and what services they feel they need in the borough. The consultation will end in March 2018 and the findings will inform the young people’s CWGs.

The Council’s commitment

The Council have committed to reviewing youth services across the borough. The Council also commits to restructuring its youth service commissioning model in accordance to the findings and recommendations that come out of the Young People’s CWG.

Grenfell Cultural Heritage CWG – currently active

Since the tragedy survivors, residents, the wider community and the whole country have been leaving messages of condolences, pleas for information on missing people, personal possessions, such as cuddly toys, individual pieces of art, religious and other ceremonial artefacts and far more besides in and around Grenfell Tower.

The community have done an amazing job to create and maintain these precious and important artefacts which are under constant threat from the elements. This Community Working Group will kick off a discussion where the Council listen to the needs of the community in relation to the preservation of the current artefacts, a long term memorial and a meaningful way to mark the anniversary of the fire on June 14 2018.

The Council’s commitment

The Council are aware of the sensitivities around their involvement in the maintenance or preservation of the Grenfell memorial artefacts. They will listen and empower the community to help them establish a permanent memorial for the Grenfell tragedy as dictated by survivors and local residents.

Initial members

Initial members will be those in the community who are maintaining a physical memorial on their premises or in a public space.

Latymer Community Church, Grenfell Speaks, Clements James, Methodist Church, 24 Hearts, Westway Trust, Met Police, V&A (Rapid Response Team), Science Museum, Museum of London.

Read the minutes

Cultural Heritage TWG Minutes – Monday 12 February 2018 – 175KB

Cultural Heritage TWG Minutes – Thursday 18 January 11am – 12:30pm – 150KB


Karim Mussilhy, Tiago Alves and Mahad Egal from Grenfell United spoke to us about tonight’s #GrenfellHeritage Memorial Project meeting – why it happened and how the local community can get involved.

Karim Mussilhy, who lost his uncle in the Grenfell Tower tragedy explains what the Grenfell Heritage Memorial Project is all about – why it’s important, and how you can get involved

The Curve Community Centre Interim Board of Governors and Residents Steering Group – currently active

The Curve Community Centre was set up with the help of volunteers and the local community. It is Council-managed, reporting into local and central Government.

Residents told The Curve in their feedback that it needs to be more accountable to the local community, it needs a trusted dedicated team to run it and it needs the voice of the residents to shape what’s on offer.

Read more about the Board of Governors

Community Assets CWG

Since the tragedy in June, there has been much discussion related to how the community are able to use key buildings and assets in North Kensington. This group will mark the start of a real community conversation on the issue.

The Council is currently undertaking a community asset audit to list all the buildings in the area which could be used by the community. The findings from this audit will be presented to the community assets CWG enabling the community to better understand how the Council currently distribute assets. The community will then be able to take part in the allocation of these to the community and voluntary sector.

The Council’s commitment

The Council have committed to a community asset review, and further to this have committed to enabling the community to play a role in the allocation and management of these assets.

Older People’s CWG

In many of the initial consultations in the Grenfell area the older community (those aged 60 and over) felt that they were either not consulted or could not find information on what was going on around them. This CWG is all about ensuring that their voices are heard.

The Council’s commitment

The Council want to give older members of the community the opportunity to get their voices heard and play a role in ensuring services meet their needs and new services are designed to meet their needs.

Community Enterprise CWG

The community’s response to the tragedy was phenomenal. The collective action and ability for people to achieve so much with so little has inspired the community to aim for more, excel in their strengths and develop new skills.

The Council’s Commitment

The Council want to empower and enable the community to build on their skills by creating local opportunity and enabling sustainable economic development in North Kensington.