North Kensington Community Engagement Team

What we do

We work in and with the North Kensington community to represent their needs to the Council and help them find solutions. We are Council employees but we recognise the community, its organisations and its needs are frequently changing and that we are best placed to help working within the community itself.

Our team aims to:

  • Build relationships with the community through face to face contact
  • Respond to existing and emerging needs and priorities
  • Develop with the community solutions and new ways of doing things where needed
  • Be flexible, responsive and agile

Some of the areas we work on include:

  • Working with a range of existing and emerging community groups to understand their needs and priorities and how we can best address them.
  • Working with Residents Associations in North Kensington to understand their needs and priorities and how we can work together to address them.
  • Setting up resident-led Community Working Groups to enable community discussion on themes of common interest which residents have told us matter to them
  • Undertaking a Community Asset Review to identify facilities and spaces which could be made available for community use.
  • Team members are based in various locations in North Kensington, including Al-Manaar on Fridays, Rugby Portobello Trust and the Harrow Club to signpost services and gather community feedback and identify unmet needs


We know there is a lot more to do and we want to help the Community, and work with you as much as we can so please get in touch to discuss anything you would like our help with

Maxilla Advisory Group

Following discussions about a community asset review, the future of Maxilla Bays 17-19, also known as the Kindred Studios/the old college/the city was an important issue raised by people who live and work in North Kensington. In order to deal with this issue as quickly as possible, the Council are proposing to deal with the future of this building aside from the wider community asset review.

We want to work together with communities to come to a joint agreement about what should be delivered from the building and are proposing an Advisory Group for people to take part in these discussions. More information and details on how to take part here.

Who we are

We are all local residents and/or former volunteers in the Grenfell area. Working mainly in North Kensington, we are here to work with the community and the Council to find the best solutions to issues they face in the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy.

To get in touch

Sally Haslam
Sally is the overall manager of the team.  She is the link on housing, environment and site issues
Dionne Buckman
Dionne leads the Community Engagement Outreach team. She is the link on health and wellbeing issues

The rest of the team spend their time in the community, talking to local organisations and residents, offering practical support and helping to solve problems.  They are also working to improve uptake of Council services by those who need them by increasing awareness of what’s available and how to access it, and provide feedback of what’s working well and what should be done differently.

Andreia Oliveira-Miguel
Ariam Spence
Imanuel Ibrahim