Care for Grenfell

We know that people recovering from the tragedy need support in many different ways: this may include support in coping emotionally with the impact of the disaster; practical help sorting out finances or other paperwork; or help ensuring children are settled at school and that childcare is available.

We have set up Care for Grenfell as the one place you can go to get all kinds of help. The staff at Care for Grenfell will provide advice and information and if you need it, ask a Keyworker to get in touch with you to provide a higher level of support. Care for Grenfell can also put you in touch with specialist NHS services which can help you cope with the psychological impact of what you have experienced.

Care for Grenfell staff can give you advice on the following topics:

  • Access to financial support
  • Making and attending appointments with different Council
    and government departments
  • Planning school transport
  • Help with travel costs
  • Ensuring food and clothing needs are met
  • Arranging childcare
  • Linking families to charities and other community
    support groups

How to get in touch with Care for Grenfell

Please telephone 020 7745 6414
This line is open from 8am to 8pm. There is an overnight emergency service which you can reach on the same number.


What if I am not happy with my Keyworker?

Please call the Care for Grenfell team on 020 7745 6414 to discuss your concerns and agree a way forward.

What to do if you don’t get the help you need
Please call the Care for Grenfell team if:

  • You have any concerns about the support you are receiving
  • You are unable to reach the person who is supporting you
  • You don’t have a Keyworker/support worker/case officer
  • You have a question the individual supporting you cannot answer
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