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This website, which is managed and maintained by Kensington and Chelsea Council, provides you with information and support on housing, financial help, health, news updates, local activities and other services. 

It will also keep you updated on the Council’s Grenfell recovery activities, including rehousing residents from
Grenfell Tower and Walk and the wider Grenfell area.

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Summer in the City is your guide to the hundreds of events and activities taking place for children, young people and their families this summer across central London. With outdoor activities, bake-offs, arts and crafts, beatboxing, the Summer Reading Challenge, free cycling tours, nature trails, costume making, grafitti art, photography and so much more, there’s little risk of being bored. The events will be taking place across London but you can find the events specifically taking place in Kensington and Chelsea in the Summer in the City flyer.

To see all events taking place, visit the Summer in the City website.

The Home Office has announced that relatives of victims and survivors who are core participants in the Grenfell Public Inquiry, or those called to be a witness at the Inquiry who are already in the country, will be able to extend their stay in the UK for a further six months.

Core participants are people or organisations who have applied for that status because they have a significant interest in proceedings or could be subject to scrutiny.

A core participant can be invited to participate during the Inquiry, for example by making statements or suggesting lines of questioning to be pursued. This will provide certainty for relatives who need to participate in the Inquiry’s evidence sessions.

Family members who are overseas with ‘core participant’ status, who are required to attend or are called as a witness to the Inquiry, will have their visit visas dealt with quickly and compassionately.

You can read the announcement in full here:–2

The Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry has resumed its hearings today with evidence from Dr Barbara Lane an expert on fire safety engineering.  Previously participants in the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry, including the bereaved, survivors, the Council and organisations such as the fire brigade and the KCTMO, have been providing their opening statements. A full list of statements can be found here:
Kensington and Chelsea Council’s opening statement to the Inquiry was delivered on Wednesday 6 June by James Maxwell-Scott QC, you can find it here. For more general information on the work of the Inquiry and recordings of the hearings to date, please visit  The hearings have been an emotional time for many people and video of the night of the tragedy have been shown. There is support available for all those who have been affected. For urgent emotional and wellbeing support, you can call 0800 0234 650 at any time. Details of the NHS’ continuing emotional and wellbeing support available for those affected by the Inquiry are available here.

Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith, deputy leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said:

“Fraud is an issue the council takes very seriously, not just because taxpayers money is being used to support people, but because genuine survivors and bereaved families have raised concerns with us, and we share those concerns.”

“Our absolute priority has always been to assist and help first – it is only right that we do so when families are faced with such extreme trauma and tragedy. Where officers had doubts, they reported it, and then investigations would take place. Investigating and proving any type of fraud always takes time, and we work closely with the police.”

“It is hugely important to me that the public perception of survivors and bereaved is not tarnished by the acts of what is a small minority.”

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