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Grenfell Support is here to help anyone affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

This website, which is managed and maintained by Kensington and Chelsea Council, provides you with information and support on housing, financial help, health, news updates, local activities and other services. 

It will also keep you updated on the Council’s Grenfell recovery activities, including rehousing residents from
Grenfell Tower and Walk and the wider Grenfell area.

In an emergency you can contact Grenfell Enquiries 24 hours a day on 020 7745 6414.

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Latest News

We are making some changes to our communications to make sure that the bereaved, survivors and the local community receive updates that are as informative and relevant as possible. The majority of these changes should be in place by the end of February.

Grenfell Support News and website

You will have read in last week’s Grenfell Support News that the last edition of this newsletter will be on Friday 22 February.

As a result of feedback from residents we will be producing North Ken News – a newsletter featuring information and articles about local organisations, events, activities and opportunities. It will be produced and delivered monthly to North Kensington residents.

The Grenfell Support website will be closing at the end of February, but all relevant content from the website is being refreshed and moved across to a new dedicated Grenfell Recovery section on the Council’s website.

This section will offer information about:

  • Housing
  • The Council’s progress on Grenfell Recovery
  • The Grenfell Tower Inquiry
  • Grenfell Complaints
  • The work of the Independent Grenfell Recovery Taskforce
  • Support
  • The Curve

Social media

You’ll notice that the Grenfell Support Twitter and Facebook feed and page will be renamed to ‘Grenfell updates’. It will continue be used to promote Grenfell-related news and information.

A bespoke newsletter for the Dedicated Service

We will be working with the bereaved and survivors to produce a bespoke newsletter/bulletin for the Dedicated Service. Its content, frequency and how it is received will be shaped by the bereaved and survivors.

The Curve has been receiving redirected mail for residents who moved home following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. These residents will now have to set up a free mail redirection service before Wednesday 27 February to ensure they have easy access to their mail, as this will be the last day Royal Mail will be visiting The Curve and offering this service.

If an alternative redirect isn’t set up, residents will need to collect their mail from Unit 20-23, West London Delivery Office, 7 Premier Park Road, NW10 7NZ.

For more information, contact The Curve on 020 7221 9836 or email Alternatively, call 01752 387055 to speak to a member of the Royal Mail team.

£50 million funding was agreed by the Council’s Leadership Team last night (Wednesday 9 January) to support the recovery of those affected by the Grenfell tragedy over the next five years.

Councillors also approved an overarching Grenfell Recovery Strategy, which sets out the plans to support the bereaved, survivors and the wider community to build better futures for themselves and their families.

Since July, the Council has been co-designing a dedicated service with the bereaved and survivors to meet their needs. A service has now been set up in initial form with the full service to be up and running by April. The dedicated service will be at the heart of recovery for those most affected.

The Recovery Strategy also outlines how the Council will work with residents towards a community-led recovery. The plans have been informed by a wide range of engagement activity. Over 300 people joined the Stronger Communities conversations at drop-ins and workshops held around North Kensington last Autumn. These sessions, along with the ideas shared on the Stronger Communities website, provided the Council with over 800 suggestions. Residents were able to choose the top 10 ideas they felt were most important at the Stronger Communities Ideas Day in November 2018. The way in which each idea will be taken forward is outlined in the Recovery Strategy.

For the wider community, in addition to ongoing support for those affected, the Council has committed to developing a community programme for the local area, which will ensure that existing strengths and talents within the community are built on. This will include a community leadership development programme, a grants pot for local organisations (with specific funding for some of the community priorities identified in the Creating Stronger Communities conversations) and plans for community spaces in the area.

Now that the Strategy and funding have been approved, we will be working with the local community to develop the community programme and the other ideas, as we have worked with the bereaved and survivors to co-design the Dedicated Service

Residents who were living on the Lancaster West Estate and in Bramley House at the time of the Grenfell tragedy and would like to a move to a more suitable home in the area, will now have priority to move to empty homes on the Estate and in Bramley House following the approval of the Local Lettings Plan at this evening’s (Wednesday 9 January) Leadership Team meeting.

The Local Lettings Plan will allow homes on the Lancaster West Estate and in Bramley House that are empty and available, to first be offered to existing residents of the Estate and Bramley House who currently live in unsuitable accommodation, and wish to move.

There are a number of reasons why residents may wish to move including overcrowding, downsizing or for medical reasons, such as needing a home which is more accessible.

The draft Local Lettings Plan was supported by 81 per cent of residents when the Council consulted last year. Only seven per cent were against the proposals with 12 per cent not expressing a view.

The Council will now be writing to all those who are eligible to join the scheme with an application form and information on how to apply. Starting next week, an advisor from the Housing Opportunities Team will also be based at Lancaster West Estate Office to help any residents with their application form and provide any more information. Look out for posters at the Estate Office, and updates in the Grenfell Support and Lancaster West newsletters to find out when they are available.

Work has already started on bringing empty homes on the Estate and in Bramley House up to a high standard. Properties will only be let to residents once this work is completed.

You can read the full Local Lettings Plan, the Local Lettings Plan summary and other supporting documents on Local Lettings Plan page. 

Metal containers containing material which until now has been stored in garages on the Lancaster West Estate, will be taken to secure storage off site from Thursday 29 November. Further containers will be delivered and loaded with bags. Removals will then take place on Mondays and Thursdays until the process is complete.

Throughout this process, the debris is being handled safely and carefully monitored. All monitoring to date has not shown any cause for concern.

Results of the monitoring will be available to residents via the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has confirmed the next steps in taking forward the additional environmental checks.

The Government has set up an expert multi-agency group which includes the Environment Agency, Public Health England, Kensington and Chelsea Council and NHS England to make sure soil surveying around Grenfell Tower is comprehensive and that analysis will be provided to the public. To provide independent scientific assurance, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser has established an independent Science Advisory Group to quality-check each stage of the process.

The Government has started procuring the relevant expertise this week to undertake the initial assessments needed. These will be independent specialists appointed on the basis of their environmental expertise. They will be chosen from a network of leading experts and overseen by the expert multi-agency group.  We expect the initial findings to be published in spring 2019.

Once selected, the specialists will proactively engage the community on the design and implementation of the testing process. This will take place in the new year. There will be weekly drop-in sessions at The Curve every Tuesday afternoon with Government officials to discuss the programme, ask questions and meet the independent specialists. You can also contact with any concerns or questions you may have.

Further information and regular updates are available on the Gov UK website.

The local NHS will soon be offering extra health checks for any local resident who wants one. They have also arranged drop-in health advice clinics for anyone affected by the Grenfell tragedy.  More information can be found at:

Work is underway to replace the temporary banners around the top of Grenfell Tower that have been in place since the one year commemoration in June.

The Government has worked with the bereaved and survivors to ensure that the covering of Grenfell Tower is used sensitively for appropriate remembrance.

As a result, small adjustments are being made to the design that has been in place since June to ensure that the Tower is not lost against London’s skyline, whilst balancing the impact on the local community.

A new feature will include gentle illumination of the banners from dusk, which will fade as the evening progresses and turn off by 11pm. At no point will any areas of Grenfell Tower be exposed while the banners are being replaced, although residents may see some external scaffolding.

Grenfell Tower will also be illuminated in green on December 14 to mark 18 months since the tragedy and at future key dates.

If local residents experiences any disruption as a result of these changes, the Site Management Team can be reached on 07920 534378.

You can read the updated frequently asked questions on possible soil and air contamination around the Grenfell site here.

If you have further questions on this subject you can email:

For more more information:

Help from the NHS:

Health advice from Public Health England:

General information on support for those affected by Grenfell:

Grenfell United and the community asked for a meeting last night which gave local people the chance to ask questions about possible soil contamination following the Grenfell tragedy.

You can read the FAQ from the meeting here.  These will be updated in the next seven days.

The FAQs are also available in  Arabic and  Farsi 

If you have further questions on this subject you can email:

For more more information:

Help from the NHS:

Health advice from Public Health England:

General information on support for those affected by Grenfell:

Additional environmental checks are to be carried out in and around the Grenfell Tower site to provide extra reassurance to survivors and local residents. You can read the full government statement here.

Kensington and Chelsea Council has welcomed the announcement that the government will take responsibility for the Grenfell Tower site from the Metropolitan Police. The Council has always maintained that it should have no part in any day-to-day operations.

The announcement comes after the Metropolitan Police confirmed it has completed the forensic investigation of Grenfell Tower, which means the Tower is no longer required as a crime scene.

The government will now make operational decisions on issues such as the site’s safety, security and access arrangements, until the future of the site has been determined by the community. A formal agreement will be finalised in the autumn.

As these arrangements are put in place, the site will continue to be managed by the independent Site Management team who have been in place since July 2017.

Led by Doug Patterson, Chief Executive of the London Borough of Bromley, the team is responsible for all aspects of the on-going day-to-day management, such as health and safety and security. This ensures the Council will continue to take no role in making decisions regarding the site.

The local policing team will continue to work closely with the Site Management team and patrol the surrounding area to protect the integrity of the site.

The Council has always been clear that in the long term, it is for the Grenfell community – the bereaved, survivors and residents – to decide on the future of the tower site. The community must have full control to shape the legacy of Grenfell following this tragedy. Earlier this year the Council signed up to a set of principles with the government committing to this and this remains our position.

You can find the government’s full statement here.

The site principles, signed up to by RBKC, can be found here.

A set of commitments to those affected by the Grenfell tragedy were discussed and agreed by Councillors last night (Wednesday 25 July).

“Our Commitments to those affected by the Grenfell tragedy” sets out our approach to working with survivors, the bereaved and the wider community towards long-term recovery.

The approach is informed by the many conversations with survivors, the bereaved and wider community we have had over the past year and has been developed together with NHS partners, West London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL).

Our overall aims are:

– To support survivors and those who were bereaved as a result of the tragedy to rebuild their lives

– To support with community-led recovery for the wider community, helping people to build a better future for themselves and families

– To help all those affected by the Grenfell tragedy to support themselves and each other, developing capacity and resilience for a better future

The Leadership Team – the Council’s decision making body – approved the commitments as a basis for further consultation and engagement. This will take place in the coming months so that we can hear more about what matters to survivors, the bereaved and the wider community.

The commitments are only the beginning of a wider conversation with the community and we have deliberately made them open-ended to ensure that they leave room for discussion, debate and challenge. They will be the foundation of a long-term recovery strategy, to be developed in partnership with residents and agreed by the Council in the autumn.

We will be contacting as many local community groups as possible to hear their ideas. There will be a number of drop-in sessions, workshops as well as dedicated consultation website for people to give us their views.

You can read more about the commitments on the Council’s website.

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