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You can read the updated frequently asked questions on possible soil and air contamination around the Grenfell site here.

If you have further questions on this subject you can email:

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Help from the NHS:

Health advice from Public Health England:

General information on support for those affected by Grenfell:

The NHS is responding to heightened health concerns within the North Kensington community by holding two drop-in health advice clinics in November.  The move follows reports of suspected soil contamination after the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The NHS is encouraging anyone affected by the Grenfell tragedy with health concerns to attend the health advice clinics. Particular emphasis will be given to breathing and wellbeing of children, with specialist children’s consultants present. Alternatively, people are advised to contact their GP or NHS 111 for an appointment.

The drop-in health advice clinics will be held as follows:

  • Monday 19 November, 6.30pm – 8.30 pm at Hilton Hotel, 179-199, Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UL
  • Wednesday 28 November, 6.30pm – 8.30pm at Hilton Hotel, 179-199, Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UL

For further information see:

 If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your GP or NHS 111 for an appointment or please visit

An Ideas Day which will bring together all of your suggestions and ideas on how to make North Kensington communities even stronger will be held on Saturday 17 November.

 The Ideas Day which is happening at Kensington Leisure Centre, Silchester Road, W10 6EX from 10.30am to 4.30pm, follows a series of community conversations over the past six weeks where residents told us what matters most to them.

Residents will have the chance to look at their feedback from the conversations, check that their views have been accurately captured and make any further suggestions. There will also be face-painting for children, an art competition and free refreshments provided for all.

 After meeting with people from across North Kensington, local organisations, groups and residents’ associations we have received over 500 comments on the six different themes;

  • Communities
  • Diversity
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Jobs and Skills
  • Places and Spaces
  • Young Lives

Most popular suggestions showcased

The Ideas Day will showcase the most popular suggestions from the community and give residents the opportunity to choose what ideas they would like to be taken forward. It will also be a chance to come and talk to a range of Council services and provide further feedback if you missed one of the drop-in sessions.

Once the most popular suggestions have been agreed for each theme, the Council will work with the community and service providers to develop a plan of action to turn ideas into reality.

We’re still keen to hear from as many of you as possible, so please come down and have your say. If you can’t make to the Ideas Day you can visit the Stronger Communities website  to give us your views and see what ideas have been provided so far.

Grenfell United and the community asked for a meeting last night which gave local people the chance to ask questions about possible soil contamination following the Grenfell tragedy.

You can read the FAQ from the meeting here.  These will be updated in the next seven days.

The FAQs are also available in  Arabic and  Farsi 

If you have further questions on this subject you can email:

For more more information:

Help from the NHS:

Health advice from Public Health England:

General information on support for those affected by Grenfell:

Additional environmental checks are to be carried out in and around the Grenfell Tower site to provide extra reassurance to survivors and local residents. You can read the full government statement here.

Kensington and Chelsea Council has welcomed the announcement that the government will take responsibility for the Grenfell Tower site from the Metropolitan Police. The Council has always maintained that it should have no part in any day-to-day operations.

The announcement comes after the Metropolitan Police confirmed it has completed the forensic investigation of Grenfell Tower, which means the Tower is no longer required as a crime scene.

The government will now make operational decisions on issues such as the site’s safety, security and access arrangements, until the future of the site has been determined by the community. A formal agreement will be finalised in the autumn.

As these arrangements are put in place, the site will continue to be managed by the independent Site Management team who have been in place since July 2017.

Led by Doug Patterson, Chief Executive of the London Borough of Bromley, the team is responsible for all aspects of the on-going day-to-day management, such as health and safety and security. This ensures the Council will continue to take no role in making decisions regarding the site.

The local policing team will continue to work closely with the Site Management team and patrol the surrounding area to protect the integrity of the site.

The Council has always been clear that in the long term, it is for the Grenfell community – the bereaved, survivors and residents – to decide on the future of the tower site. The community must have full control to shape the legacy of Grenfell following this tragedy. Earlier this year the Council signed up to a set of principles with the government committing to this and this remains our position.

You can find the government’s full statement here.

The site principles, signed up to by RBKC, can be found here.

A set of commitments to those affected by the Grenfell tragedy were discussed and agreed by Councillors last night (Wednesday 25 July).

“Our Commitments to those affected by the Grenfell tragedy” sets out our approach to working with survivors, the bereaved and the wider community towards long-term recovery.

The approach is informed by the many conversations with survivors, the bereaved and wider community we have had over the past year and has been developed together with NHS partners, West London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL).

Our overall aims are:

– To support survivors and those who were bereaved as a result of the tragedy to rebuild their lives

– To support with community-led recovery for the wider community, helping people to build a better future for themselves and families

– To help all those affected by the Grenfell tragedy to support themselves and each other, developing capacity and resilience for a better future

The Leadership Team – the Council’s decision making body – approved the commitments as a basis for further consultation and engagement. This will take place in the coming months so that we can hear more about what matters to survivors, the bereaved and the wider community.

The commitments are only the beginning of a wider conversation with the community and we have deliberately made them open-ended to ensure that they leave room for discussion, debate and challenge. They will be the foundation of a long-term recovery strategy, to be developed in partnership with residents and agreed by the Council in the autumn.

We will be contacting as many local community groups as possible to hear their ideas. There will be a number of drop-in sessions, workshops as well as dedicated consultation website for people to give us their views.

You can read more about the commitments on the Council’s website.

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